Some of us have decided that government cannabis is not for us.

Newly Transplanted CBD OG Kush

Many medicinal users in this position have been growing for a while, and while some of us just grow for ourselves, many of us (myself included) run a grow for a number of family members.  Some of us have taken it a step further and have started cooperatives with multiple medicinal users and growers, which is the ideal in terms of adaptability (multiple grows=multiple methods and skill sets) and selection (multiple grows=more genetics).

Our garden 😊

I have two other ACMPR growers that I have traded my grow with in the past, but with recreational cannabis being illegal, I had to be very careful about who I traded with.

Mr. Law’s Farm

The idea of the nugswap is to give all cannabis enthusiasts access to the best model for our community; the cannabis cooperative.  At first the coop will just be a bunch of growers legally swapping grams of their grow, but the growth and community service potential of such a community is huge.  Some new members have mentioned the idea of having a clubhouse where we can comfortably share our flower and press rosin and use communal equipment, which is an amazing idea.

Our rosin press! 👊

The revolutionary idea that we can now create cannafriendly safe spaces where we can medicate (or just get high) without being persecuted, is huge.  There is also the potential to run an amateur “Homegrower’s Cup” with sponsors and real prizes if people are really enthusiastic about it, which is a great way to publicize this great alternative to LP buds.

Totrees CBD OG Kush 🔥

If you are interested in becoming part of the nugswap contact us at

Baby Pics!

The first (Toronto based) event is almost fully booked, but any growers who don’t register in time for the first swap can still register for the next one. More details coming soon!

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